Building a team that will last

My inspiration for writing this post came from this article. I believe anyone on a team should read it. If you supervise people or are unhappy with your job and/or group and don’t know why, you should read it. For now, I’ll give you the gist and my opinion on the matter.


6 ways to build successful teams that last

  1. Be aware of how you work
  2. Get to know the rest of the team
  3. Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  4. Be proactive with feedback
  5. Acknowledge and reward
  6. Always celebrate success


While all of these are valid, number two caught my eye—and my heart. One
specific line that sums it up in that section says to “discuss the importance of
caring, understanding the needs of your team and embracing [their
individual] differences.”

When people realize they are cared for, understood, embraced and valued,
they will break their backs for that organization. Why? Because they are
invested and bought into the vision and leadership.
They have a place and
are able to contribute uninhibitedly. They become more than a number,
output and production. They become a part of a living, breathing, growing,
succeeding organism that values even the smallest of parts. And that, my
friend, is rare and extremely attractive. Being part of something like
this tugs at the heart of ambitious people. If you can access their
heart, you automatically get their loyalty, drive, passion and creativity.
Anyone applying this approach to their employees will build a team that
will undoubtedly succeed and last.

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