Except This One Thing…

If you’ve ever interacted with the students on a university or college campus, you know how unique this experience can be. Many of these young adults are striving for independence, raging with freedom, old enough to know something, but too arrogant and/or ignorant to know they know little. And I’m speaking from experience; having been one of those students. Well, as a student working for the wellness center of a university, I was able to see these students first hand.
Side story: I reported to a supervisor who was known for being pretty laid back. She would consistenly overlook mistakes, showed extreme patience with intramural participants, explain herself tens of times in a row…all for the sake of a laid back, non-confrontational atmosphere. For the sake of peace, she would overlook almost everything….except this one thing.
Okay, we’re back. Well, as a student working for the wellness center of a university, I was able to see these students first hand, one memory in particular. It was a late Thursday night; championship night for flag football. The game was close. Things were getting heated. The entire game had been chippy, with reason. The top two fraternities were battling it out for a year’s worth of bragging rights and revenge from the previous league. Late in the game, one of the officials made a call that could have went either way. In the stands was a guy who was there supoorting the team on which the call was against. He didn’t like the call and began yelling explicitives at the officials, the other team and a few of the opposing fans. Catching wind of his behavior, my supervisor walks over to the bleachers, gets his attention and throws him out of the stadium. THE STADIUM! He comes down from the bleachers, stands toe-to-toe and says, “Make me.” Keep in mind, this guy is HUGE. My supervisor…not so much. She put her finger in his chest and said, “You better not hit me because you’re gonna be in a world of trouble if you do. Now, LEAVE!”
Big fella walked away and left the stadium.
My supervisor yelled a warning to all of the other spectators and walked back to the field. As we were walking, she said, “I can tolerate a lot of things. But I WILL NOT tolerate a bully.”
I want you to think of that one thing. In your family. In your community. In your church. At your job. In your relationships. We all tolerate quite a bit for the sake of peace, but what’s your one thing? Got it? Do the people around you know this is your one thing? Do you know how to effectively address this issue? Are you brave enough to address this issue or do you just let it boil you on the inside? Let me help you.
1) What irks you the most?
2) Does it bother others around you?
3) Would your environment be better if someone addressed it?
4) Is this something I can actually do? (Of course!!!)
5) Address the issue courageously and thoughtfully.
I believe if people courageously address the issues that bother them the most, assuming these issues aren’t oppressive to another people group or cause more harm than good, the world would most definitely be a better place. Matter of fact, I bet there is something looking at the same thing thinking, “Man, I wish someone would do something.” ¬†That someone…with the something….is you.
Move on your gut. Police your circle of influence. Follow your convictions. Stand for right and justice. Aim to make those around you better. Move on your one thing.

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