Hire Those People

Often times, when being interviewed, one of the questions the interviewer will ask is about the interviewee’s past. Past work history. Past projects. Past conflicts and how/if they overcame them. While many interviewers are trying to get info, I don’t think the majority of them are looking for the right info. Oh, I’m sure they’ll get a few “right” folks based on intuition, work experience and the interviewee’s ability to remain calm under pressure. But just as important as someone’s ability to produce corporately, is the ability of those same people to produce socially, morally and ethically; produce others like them, whether it be intentional or through osmosis.

Ever heard of the term, “Hurt people, hurt people.”? Well, you can probably insert a number of things into the “hurt” portion of that statement and it would still be true…with a slight adjustment to the sentence, of course, by inserting “create” in the middle. Or maybe, by this point, I’m just interpreting the sentence and writing it as such. Whatever! The point is, “Lazy people create lazy people.”….and so forth. Dishonest. Hard working. Integritous. Generous. Forgiving. Team-minded. Fill in the blank. Whether intentional or unintentional, it happens. THIS is the other white meat of the interview. As a group leader, I want people who can not only get the job done and further the vision of the organization, but also, somehow, influence those around them to do and want to do the same thing.

What type of environment am I trying to create? Let me hire those people. What type of culture are you trying to develop? You should hire those people. What type of ethic are we trying to instill? Let us hire those people. Vibe. Production. Legacy. Community involvement. Hire people who can not only get the job done but also bring their infectious intangibles to their co-workers and the environment.

How do you want your company to be seen, grow, be? Hire those people.

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